Report an Injury


Does the injury involve lots of blood, a head injury, or a serious bone fracture?

YES – The employee is in need of emergency medical care. Call 911 immediately.

NO – Call our 24/7 NurseAid Work Injury Line at 1.800.442.0593 for a treatment recommendation from a registered nurse.



After you’ve arranged care for the injured worker, you need to report the claim to MEM. Here are your reporting options:


   File an eClaim online.

Filing your claim online is a simple and easy way to report a claim at any time.
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   Report the injury by phone.

Report by phone, especially if the incident involves a fatality, hospitalization longer than 3 days, ICU admission, or an injury classified as an emergency in this Injury Chart, at 1.800.442.0593 and select option 2 in the claims menu.

   Fax your claim form.

Visit our Virtual Claims Kit to download your state specific First Report of Injury form. Fax it to MEM at 1.800.442.0597.



After obtaining care for the injured worker and reporting the claim, it’s time to conduct a preliminary incident investigation.
Check out our Injury Management Kit for a printable guide to injury management and incident investigation.



Conduct post-incident drug screening, create a return to work plan, and take steps to prevent fraud.


Need a quick reference for injury management?
Download our Injury Management Kit