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Care you trust at lower costs.

It’s no secret that medical costs are on the rise, and they can have a dramatic impact on your workers compensation premiums.

Despite the trend, MEM, which services Previsor claims, saves about 50% in lost-time claims costs compared to the Missouri average. How do we help you fight against the trends? By applying proven medical cost management strategies.

Specialized teams

Our highly trained staff is with you to coordinate your employees’ smooth return to work, helping you through even the most complex medical issues and recovering costs from third parties. Our experts will also help you identify and eliminate fraud.

Unmatched claims service

Within 24 hours of your claim report, one of our experts will be in touch with you and your injured employee to ensure your claims are processed effectively — and your employee can get the right care quickly.

Medical care management

We work with a robust network of respected healthcare providers to offer high quality care while reducing medical costs. Our NurseAid triage line helps ensure you seek the right level of care quickly. If needed, a nurse case manager can also work directly with you to create a return to work plan.

Pharmacy program

We utilize generics and a unique first fill approach to reduce pharmacy costs – compared to an industry average of 10% or more, ours are about 2% of total medical costs. We also use an aggressive, multi-layered approach to combat opioid addiction risk. Under our care, narcotics are prescribed only to those who really needed them, at a rate far below industry averages. We’ve reduced narcotic frequency by 33% in the last five years.

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