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NurseAid 24/7 Work Injury Line


Streamline your employees’ care and reduce costs with MEM’s 24/7 work injury line, offering nurse triage powered by MedCor, which partners with Concentra to provide telemedicine services. Injured workers receive quick access to quality medical care, reducing costs and minimizing lost work time for your business.

NurseAid Work Injury Line: 1.800.442.0593


Fast and easy access

No registration is required. Call our 24/7 work injury line (800.442.0593) for non-emergent injuries and speak to a registered nurse before seeking care, regardless of the time or day. 

Expert guidance

Experienced nurses will evaluate the injury and recommend the best course of action, including: 

Reduced costs and improved outcomes

Seamless claims reporting

The nurse triage report initiates the First Notice of Loss process, ensuring timely and efficient claim handling. 

Employee satisfaction 

Providing quick and convenient care can help employees feel supported and valued during an injury.

“Using triage regularly, we’ve sent fewer people to the ER… Nurse triage has significantly improved injury management in our schools and throughout the organization.”
Joe Braddock, CFO, Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City

How it works

Tell your employees

Employees who are aware of the NurseAid 24/7 Work Injury Line are much more likely to utilize it in the event of an injury. We’ve got you covered. Fill out the form to request free NurseAid materials.  

Nurse Aid Materials Request Form

Fill out the form to request free NurseAid materials.

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