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An innovative approach to delivering the right care at the right time.

You want the best for your employees. If someone is injured on the job, it’s important to take action right away. But a trip to the emergency room isn’t always the best next step.

Previsor’s nurse triage program can help your employees avoid unnecessary trips to the ER by assessing the right level of care for every injury. It’s a free program that can save you and your employees both time and money, and help employees heal faster.

How nurse triage works.

Our free nurse triage program connects your injured employee with a nurse to help determine the best course of treatment. It’s designed for non-emergency injuries to help employees get to the right place, at the right time, for the right care.

All Previsor policyholders have access to the nurse triage program. And the bottom line? It’s proven to help lower claims costs and get employees back to work faster.

The process is easy:

  1. Report your claim to Previsor or call 1.800.442.0593.
  2. When your claim report is complete, you may be connected to a triage nurse. Make sure the injured employee is available to answer questions.
  3. Based on answers to a few simple questions, your employee will be directed to the appropriate level of care, including a primary care provider, emergency room or urgent care center.
  4. If immediate care isn’t necessary, the triage nurse will provide instructions for self or home care – including directions for follow up.
  5. The triage nurse will follow up with your employee and your employee’s healthcare provider to coordinate any further care or tests. This may include a telemedicine appointment.