What does Ladders Last mean?

Long story short: we want you and your employees to think twice before assuming a job requires a ladder. Many industries, like construction, use ladders daily. We challenge you to use alternatives – and turn to ladders as a last resort.

What is Ladders Last all about?

Safer alternatives

We often use ladders out of convenience. Maybe the task is quick, or the lift is on another job site. However, your company’s risk of a serious workplace injury increases every time an employee climbs a ladder. Train your employees to use a safer tool to work at heights when possible. Some alternatives are:

Aerial Lift
Portable Stairs

Safety = efficiency

You might think that alternatives are safer than ladders at the cost of efficiency. This is simply not true! Lifts and stairs have large work surfaces, letting employees keep tools nearby. On motorized lifts, they can move without dismounting. This means employees aren’t climbing up and down to grab supplies or move a ladder.

Not only does this improve safety, but it also saves time. MEM policyholder John Bender Inc. purchased scissor lifts with a safety grant and since then, they’ve had zero related work comp claims. They have also seen a 40% reduction in labor costs, enabling them to bid jobs more competitively.

Create a safety-first culture

The Ladders Last approach won’t take root overnight. Leadership and long-time employees must buy in to make Ladders Last part of your existing safety culture. If you hire subcontractors, you must continuously communicate your expectations with everyone on the job site.

You might not be able to stop using ladders completely. The Ladders Last pledge is about reducing ladder use, providing safer alternatives when possible, and training employees to use ladders safely as a last resort.

Take the Ladders Last pledge.

Ready to commit to reducing ladder-related injuries? Take the pledge to show up on our interactive map, and check out the resources below.

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