Workplace Violence: Take a Proactive Approach

November 13, 2015 • Previsor

Workplace violence is a safety concern that is frequently overlooked. This type of incident can happen in any workplace and employees must be equipped with proactive and reactive safety training and resources. These can save lives in your organization. Take a look at our training tips, suggestions and resources.

High risk

Types of employees at highest at risk for an injury due to workplace violence are those who:

  • Work late night or overnight hours.
  • Travel at night.
  • Interface regularly with the public.
  • Exchange money with members of the public.
  • Work in private homes, such as home health workers.
  • Work in buildings open to the public, such as retail and convenience stores.


Many potential issues can be detected during the hiring process. Hire the right people for the job.

  • Perform post-offer criminal background checks.
  • Perform post-offer drug and alcohol screening.

Training and resources

Employers should provide regular training and access to resources that include:

  • How to access emergency services, dialing 911 and the physical location.
  • CPR, first aid and AED certifications.
  • How to handle facility, visitor or personnel security concerns.
  • Parking lot safety.
  • De-escalation of altercations.
  • Bail-out procedures.
  • Personal self-defense techniques.
  • Recognizing a troubled coworker.
  • Recognizing theft, threats and signs of sabotage or break-in.
  • Appropriately reporting questionable or dangerous behavior by coworkers.

Provide employees with access to an Employee Assistance Program.  Need more resources?

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November 13, 2015
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