Work Comp for the Healthcare Industry: 3 Things You Need to Know 

January 11, 2023 • Previsor

Healthcare organizations vary greatly from one entity to another. From hospitals and physicians to ambulance districts and home health agencies, each one provides drastically different services. What is the best way to address these unique risks? 

At Missouri Employers Mutual, we offer a unique approach to writing work comp insurance for those in the healthcare industry. It all starts with our vision of “Safe, Healthy, and Injury-Free Workplaces.” 

Watch below as Rachel Lawson, MEM’s Senior Underwriter, explains what needs to be considered when writing work comp for those in the healthcare industry and what we can do to help.  

 Know Your Risks 

Healthcare risks are often hidden in plain sight. Lifting and turning patients can lead to strains and sprains. Needle sticks and pricks can happen both in the doctor’s office and in the field. And whether you’re rushing a sick patient to the emergency room or hustling to a senior citizen in need of care, motor vehicle accidents are always a risk.

Do you know the biggest hazards present in your organization? If not, then it’s time to put safety first. First, list your exposures. Then, put safety protocols in place to address them. Create a positive environment. Teach employees why these measures are being put in place.

Partnering with MEM 

Our experts are here to help address every healthcare risk. Together, we’ll look at the organization, its previous losses, and loss trends in the industry to assist you. 

January 11, 2023
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