Strong 2022 MEM Policyholder Survey Results

March 29, 2023 • Previsor

Our policyholders have many choices when it comes to workers compensation insurance. Missouri Employers Mutual and Previsor Insurance are more than an insurer. We’re partners in developing safe, healthy, and injury-free workplaces nationwide. In 2022, we asked our policyholders about their experience with us. Nearly 672 policyholders shared that: 

  • 88% are likely to renew their policy  
  • 87% are confident MEM and Previsor Insurance is the right provider for them 
  • 85% believe MEM is a company they can trust 

Value is at the center of every MEM and Previsor policy. Policyholders consistently chose us to foremost connect with our great customer service.  

“MEM is a great company to work with, with friendly and professional Customer Service.” 

Our Customer Care experts are your frontline resource for information about your work comp policy. With their extensive knowledge, they can help with questions about billing, coverage, and more.  

“I have appreciated the support and outstanding Customer Service we’ve received.” 

We also provide our policyholders with unmatched support, including access to experienced health and safety professionals and customized training. Annual policy reviews are easier than ever. Expert consultants walk together with policyholders and their agents through end-of-year audits.

As our policyholders’ businesses evolve and grow, our premium consultation services ensure you pay premiums based on your actual payroll and exposure – nothing more, nothing less.   

“MEM has been exceptional when conducting our audits!”   

As a valued partner, we’re always looking for ways to improve your work comp experience. Thank you to all our policyholders who provided feedback on the 2022 Policyholder Survey. We appreciate you!  

Questions? Contact Customer Care at 800.442.0593 or 

March 29, 2023
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