Respect the Load. Share the Road.

August 30, 2019 • Previsor

We know commercial motor vehicle drivers put their lives at risk each day. In fact, there were 145 people killed and 405 people seriously injured in commercial vehicle crashes in 2018. Of those, 134 were CMV drivers.

That’s why we stand with the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety and their “Respect the Load. Share the Road.” campaign. The message will be seen across Missouri urging drivers to drive safely around big rigs, and in turn, asking CMV drivers to do their part by getting enough rest, obeying traffic laws, buckling up and paying attention.

Top safety tips for drivers:

  • Don’t cut off large trucks or buses. Make sure you can see the truck’s cab lights in your rearview mirror before moving back into your original lane.
  • Stay out of the “No Zone.” Large trucks and buses have large blind spots on either side and up to 200 feet behind a vehicle. Pass only on the left side.
  • Large trucks and buses take longer to stop.
  • Watch your following distance. Keep a safety cushion around large trucks and buses. Can you see the truck’s side mirrors? If not, the driver cannot see you.

We are confident our policyholders already prioritize safety. But we also know maintaining safety culture can be difficult when employees are on the road for days or weeks at a time. This means that frequently safety preparation doesn’t come until after a crash has already occurred.

Whether it’s getting drivers to and from work safely or supervising an entire fleet, communicating the importance of safe practices to employees is essential to prevent crashes in the workplace.

At the end of the day, we know everyone just wants to get home safely to their families.

Here’s what you can do to learn about and promote safe driving:

  • Listen to the story of Randy Potterfield of Potterfield Trucking. In our WorkSAFE Podcast, Randy, a Missouri Employers Mutual policyholder, talks about the strategies he uses that focus on trucking safety.
  • Visit
  • Share these videos with your family and friends:



August 30, 2019
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