Ready for Winter? Get Proactive and Prepare to Prevent Incidents Before Weather Hits

October 21, 2021 • Previsor

Do you know what could be causing potential slips, trips or falls? And do you know how to prevent them?

The WorkSAFE Webinar series recently hosted a “Getting Ready for Winter Now: Preventing Slips and Trips in Your Workplace” seminar.

Not able to tune in? You can watch here:

The average number of lost workdays from a slip, trip or fall involving ice or snow is 27 days. Whether it’s in the parking lot or on the job site, looking ahead can help prevent incidents and protect employees from hazards.

Understand common causes

  • Leaking equipment
  • Improper footwear
  • Poor lighting
  • Stairs (especially those without handrails)
  • Surface issues such as potholes, loose rugs, etc.

Make sure you aren’t creating another hazard

  • Moving cleared snow can create visibility issues within parking lot entrances and exits.
  • Cleared snow can also cover fire hydrants and other needed safety equipment.
  • Remove sand, salt, and ice melt after a weather event is over.

Person in boots shovels snow with a snow shovel

Prepare and stock up

  • If you secure a contract for snow and ice removal, outline clear expectations around timeline for removal, etc.
  • If you are performing the removal duties yourself, ensure equipment is properly maintained.
  • Ensure employees have proper footwear for the job duties being performed. For example, if it’s an ice event, an ice cleat, etc. needs to be on hand for the employee before they even arrive at the job site.
  • Have winter weather policies in place and ensure they are understood and followed. Make sure policy reminders and communication are ongoing.

Think about safety while you are walking

  • Slow down and take short deliberate steps.
  • Take hands out of pockets so you can use your arms for balance.
  • Scan for obstacles ahead.

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October 21, 2021
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