Now Available: Pay as You Go Payment Plan Option

November 27, 2023 • Previsor

We are excited to announce the MEM Pay as You Go payment plan, powered by InsurePay®. Missouri Employers Mutual and Previsor policyholders can now take advantage of this payment option, which links payroll reports directly to your workers compensation premiums.  


MEM Pay as You Go is available for all MEM or Previsor policies. There is no premium size limit; agents can select this payment plan at the beginning of a policy or renewal. Argonaut policies are not eligible at this time. 

Registration, reporting and payments  

After selecting a payment plan, policyholders receive an email notification to register on the InsurePay® Pay as You Go portal. Registration enables policyholders to set up an account, prepare for payroll reporting and make premium payments.  

Payroll providers 

Policyholders can choose from 2000+ approved payroll service companies, or InsurePay® will contact their preferred payroll provider to complete an application.  


Contact your agent today to enroll in the MEM Pay as You Go payment plan! Or check out our Pay as You Go FAQs for more information.   

November 27, 2023
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