Mental Health Claims: How You Can Help

June 14, 2023 • Previsor

When it comes to workers compensation claims, most people only think about physical injuries. However, sometimes a mental health component is involved. Knowing your policyholder or employee has someone on their side who cares about their mental health is encouraging.   

Watch below as Nurse Case Manager Rhonda Jones, shares how agents and employers can partner with Previsor to ensure injured employees feel supported and cared for.  


Mental Health Injuries 

The World Health Organization estimates that 15% of working-age people have a mental health concern. When an employee is in an incident at work, these mental health concerns can intensify. 

Consider a driver who gets in a serious vehicle incident. What did the employee witness? How does that affect them? The driver may have mental health concerns that need to be addressed. 

How agents can help

Many policyholders aren’t familiar with mental health claims. It’s important to keep lines of communication open. Checking in with injured workers allows you to better understand their status. Often, employees with mental health claims can feel isolated or like a burden on their employer.  

How employers can help 

Employers can make a big impact by keeping an employee engaged and letting them know that they care. Employees need to feel supported and understand that the business wants to get them back to work, while also taking into consideration the overall health of the employee.   

Our Difference 

At Previsor Insurance, our Nurse Case Managers are equipped to help employees who have a mental health component to their claim. Nurse Case Managers are trained to ask the right questions, assist in finding the right care, and authorize coverage of the care that is needed. They want to be that patient advocate that partners with the employee, employer, and agent to ensure the injured worker is properly cared for.  

June 14, 2023
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