Introducing Medcor, Our New 24/7 Work Injury Line Vendor

May 7, 2024 • Previsor

We’re excited to announce Medcor as our new telephone nurse triage vendor, effective May 1! This change streamlines care for injured workers and provides access to convenient telemedicine services through Concentra for virtual visits.

Here’s what you need to know

New vendor, enhanced visits

The work injury line number remains the same at 800.442.0593 

Fast and easy access

No registration is required! Injured workers can call the number anytime, day or night, to speak with a registered nurse about a non-emergent work injury. 

If you wish to designate specific medical providers, email for more information.  

Expert guidance

Experienced nurses will evaluate the injury and recommend the best course of action, including: 

Seamless claim reporting

The nurse triage report initiates the First Notice of Loss process, ensuring timely claims handling. MEM claims experts will follow up via phone or email for additional information. 

Reduced costs & improved outcomes

Streamlined care can help employees receive the proper treatment faster and improve outcomes. 

How it works

Free materials for your employees

Tell your employees about the NurseAid 24/7 Work Injury Line with posters and wallet cards shipped to you for FREE. Visit our website or scan the QR code to get started.  




Contact Customer Care at 800.442.0593 or 

May 7, 2024
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