Challenging Class Codes: Classify a Business with Confidence

February 9, 2022 • Previsor

As a producer, classifying your clients correctly is imperative. Some classification codes can be tricky and getting it right can keep your clients from owing more premium in the future. 

Watch as our Premium Consultation Manager Chonna Patterson, explains how to select the right class code when submitting business.  

Technology allows you to better understand what a business does. Viewing a business’s Facebook page, social media accounts or website will help you know what questions to ask and enables you to classify the business more accurately.  

There are a few class codes that can be a little tricky to write.  

5606 – Executive Supervisor 

There must be a layer of supervision between the person identified as the Executive Supervisor (5606) and the person doing the labor.  

5437 – Trim Carpentry 

Reserved for only contractors performing trim or cabinet installation specifically. If any other carpentry work takes place on the job site, then it does not qualify as a code 5437. 

Standard exception codes

8810 – Clerical 

8742 – Outside Sales 

Employees classified as these class codes must only be doing tasks associated with these codes. If they have any other responsibilities or tasks, it will exclude them from the 8810 or 8742 class codes.  

Need more information?

NCCI provides an online option to search class codes with a thorough description. For more, check out Protect Your Business by Properly Classifying Employees.

You can also contact Missouri Employers Mutual with additional questions.

February 9, 2022
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