5 Marijuana Resources Every Employer Needs Today

April 5, 2023 • Previsor

Legal marijuana is accessible in some shape or form to millions of Americans today. Some citizens use it to treat chronic pain, while others partake simply for enjoyment. But no matter the reason, marijuana use is here to stay. Employers should anticipate changes to the legal landscape – and their policies – in the coming months and years. Use these five resources to prepare yourself and your workplace for legalized marijuana use. 

1. Medical Marijuana: The New Frontier of Pain Management in Missouri 

Marijuana is first introduced in most states as a form of pain management. The average cannabis plant contains two chemical compounds: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol (CBD). Many people are familiar with THC, the component that causes a ‘high.’ However, CBD does not have this effect and is used increasingly to treat chronic pain. Learn about this new pain management solution, its available forms, and how it’s regulated. 

2. Medical Marijuana: Lessons Learned from the First Year of Legal Use 

Missouri opened its doors to medical marijuana in 2020. After a full year of legal use, what lessons were learned? Listen to this podcast to understand why states are moving away from former ‘zero tolerance’ positions and the future implications if medical use is coming to a state near you. 

3. Recreational Marijuana: Best Practices in a Post-Legalization World 

Recreational marijuana use is legal in more than a dozen states. Unlike medical marijuana, there are few limitations around it, and it appeals to a completely different audience. Employees can’t use marijuana or related products on the job. Employers can use these four best practices to minimize safety risks. 

4. Predictive Safety: Tech Designed to Stop Fatigue Risk in Its Tracks 

How do you determine when someone is under the influence of marijuana on the job? Unfocused employees present an enormous safety risk. New technology bridges the gap between what employers can and can’t observe. Predictive Safety offers technology that accounts for the human condition. Their goal is to find and address sources of impairment – even ones that might not be obvious to employers. 

5. Legalized Marijuana: 3 Practical Measures to Protect Your Workplace 

Marijuana will be more accessible than ever in the United States in 2023. Employers need to protect themselves, their employees, and their businesses. Specific protections, such as workplace drug testing, are no longer the end of a conversation – they are just the beginning. A hands-off approach is no longer an option, but these three practical measures are. 

April 5, 2023
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