WorkSAFE Webinar: Construction, Building Your Business and a Safe Workplace

March 18, 2021 • Previsor

While MEM receives about 30 to 40 injured worker reports per day, there are many employers that experience an entire year without a lost-time work comp claim. We want that for you, too.

We encourage you to start today by identifying at least one thing you can do to make your company safer. The presentation and material below will help you take those steps.

Not able to tune in? Then watch when you can or read through a few takeaways and safety best practices from the presentation.

Use your resources

There are many training materials on the MEM and the OSHA websites. And you can use those resources in many ways. Get creative with your safety lessons!

“You can look on the OSHA website and use the ‘establishment search.’ Look up citations of any company and then ask yourself: Do I have any of these exposures? How can I learn from this?” said Mark Woodward, Senior Safety & Risk Trainer at MEM.

Know your employees

We know that 40% of MEM’s lost time work comp time claims stem from newly hired employees ( employees on the job less than one year). And, on average, those claims average $49,000. Ensure your new hires experience training initiatives designed specifically for them.

Prevent with intention

Are you familiar with your insurance costs? Can you recall your current and past claims and what occurred? What is your relationship with your agent and your carrier?

 Create a two-part program:

  1. Assess what activities are happening BEFORE the incident to PREVENT the incident, and develop a safety plan accordingly.
  2. Assess activities AFTER the incident to control costs and return employees back to work, and communicate an injury management plan company-wide. What corrective action is taken?

From the top down, management and employees must commit to safety on the jobsite, and actions to prevent injuries.

Safety starts with the basics

  • Do you have a written seat belt and distracted driving policy?
  • Do you have a drug-free workplace policy?
  • What’s your injury reporting plan?
  • Do you offer post-employment offer physicals?
  • Is it on a sticker on a piece of equipment or does the safety plan live in a binder on a shelf?
  • Where can you find the examples of your safety rules?
  • Have a new equipment or process? What is your training plan?

Additional resources

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March 18, 2021
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