Safety Technology Keeps a Small Business on the Cutting Edge

February 28, 2018 • Previsor

Cleaning windows is hard work that exposes employees to a variety of risks, like heights and repetitive motions. For some small businesses, investing in safety technology seems difficult, if not impossible, to justify.

But Skweeky Kleen Windows didn’t let limited resources stand in the way of employee safety. The company was awarded a safety grant by Missouri Employers Mutual to enhance safety and ergonomics in their labor-intensive work. With the grant, they purchased water-fed extension poles that allow employees to reach high windows with their feet safely on the ground, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of a fall.

Safety training is critical to any workplace introducing new technology. To keep all employees safe, Skweeky Kleen provides safety training and encourages workers to use their core and leg muscles to reduce strain in their shoulders, arms and wrists.

Simon Rabjohns shares about the water-fed poles and other safety technology in this video.

February 28, 2018
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