Return to Work: An Agent’s Guide to Helping Businesses Preserve Resources

January 19, 2022 • Previsor

As a producer, your most important assets are your clients. When they have an incident that leads to injury it can be a challenge for them to maintain productivity and find skilled labor quickly.  

Planning to get them back to work does not have to be hard. Watch as our Field Service Manager, Terri Sweeten, explains how you can help your clients establish a return to work program.  

A return to work program is structured so employers can bring injured employees back to work to perform light-duty work as directed by a doctor. Bringing an employee back to work prevents the claim from becoming a lost-time claim. An injury qualifies a lost-time claim when the employee is gone for four days or longer. Returning that employee to work within three days can reduce the effect on the business’s e-mod by 70%.

Benefits of a return to work program 

A return to work program benefits the employee by: 

  • Keeping them on the job
  • Feeling like they are part of the team
  • Staying productive

In an environment where good employees are hard to find, a return to work program is a great way to keep valuable staff. It also benefits the employer by: 

  • Ensuring the employee comes back
  • Helping reduce claims costs 
  • Reducing or eliminating lost-time claims 
  • Helping maintain production levels

Check out these resources to establish your return to work program: 

January 19, 2022
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