National Insurance Awareness Day: 5 Ways Business Owners Can Celebrate

June 14, 2021 • Previsor

June 28 is National Insurance Awareness Day. Most business owners don’t have time to think about insurance every day. But this day is a great opportunity to look at your insurance coverage and assess your risk. Here are five ways to recognize National Insurance Awareness Day with your business.

5 ways to celebrate National Insurance Awareness Day

1. Check in with your insurance agent.

Your agent is a wealth of knowledge and a partner who’s always in your corner when it comes to making insurance decisions for your business. If you haven’t caught up with your agent in a while, reach out! Thank them for supporting your organization’s business and safety goals. Don’t have an agent? Use our Find an Agent tool to get started.

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2. Revisit the costs and benefits of your work comp policy.

As a business owner, you understand the benefits of work comp and the costs of going without it. Just like a new pair of shoes, the policy you’ll appreciate most in the long run might not be the one with the lowest price tag. Instead of looking only at premium, consider the full spectrum of traits that make a work comp partner valuable for your business. If you think it might be time to shop around, let your agent know.

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3. Protect your people and business from insurance fraud.

Workers compensation fraud happens at many levels. Employees can make false claims – and employers can, too. Fraud impacts everyone within the work comp system, and the truth is that fraud goes unreported every day. Learn about fraud and how to prevent it on the WorkSAFE Podcast: Workers Compensation Fraud Prevention: Protect Your People and Your Policy.

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4. If you don’t have a safety program, start one.

Business insurance is like personal insurance. It’s crucial to have it, but you hope you never have to file a claim. The best way to prevent work comp claims – and reduce your premium – is to have consistent safety practices in your workplace. If your safety program could use a refresh, check out our Foundations of a Workplace Safety Program guide.

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5. Stay up to date on the latest issues affecting your policy.

Work comp insurance might not be on everyone’s list of passions. But it’s at the top of ours! Since 2017, we’ve been interviewing experts on hot-button work comp and safety topics like medical marijuana and the COVID-19 vaccine. Visit the WorkSAFE Podcast homepage to browse episodes or find us on your favorite podcast app.

June 14, 2021
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