Four Must-Have Safe Driving Policies for Every Business

January 25, 2023 • Previsor

In the United States, motor vehicle crashes continue to be the number one cause of work-related deaths and cost employers nearly $40 billion a year.  

Chances are most employees experience the hazards of traveling by car daily. Even if they don’t drive for their job, they might drive to and from work – but safe driving practices aren’t just common sense.  

The most effective way to protect your employees and your business from motor vehicle accidents is to have safe driving policies in place and enforce them by encouraging employees to drive like it’s their job 

Safe driving policies you need 

To help you build out your safe driving program, we recommend the following policies to improve driver safety in your organization: 

  1. Distracted driving policy: The most common distraction while driving is cellphone use, but drivers can also be distracted by eating, grooming, reaching for objects, or even having conversations with passengers. Have employees sign an agreement to minimize distractions, specifically cellphone use, while driving. 
  2. Defensive driving policy: We strongly support defensive driving training for all employees, regardless of their role in the company. This policy outlines the tenets of defensive driving, making employees more aware of simple ways they can be safer on the road. 
  3. Seat belt policy: Wearing a seat belt can reduce your risk of death by about 45% in a car crash. While you hope your employees are already wearing their seat belts, it’s important to have them sign a policy promising to do so, every time. 
  4. Drug and alcohol policy: It might seem like a given that you expect your employees to come to work free from the effects of drugs and alcohol. However, we recommend outlining your expectations regarding the misuse of prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and alcohol, especially while driving.  

Protect your people by enforcing safety policies 

One of the foundations of a successful safety program is having leadership’s support in enforcing policies. The best way to empower your managers to enforce safety is to ensure employees truly understand the company’s expectations. It is important to clearly communicate safety policies early – during new hire orientation – and often – at least once a year. 

For more sample policies or information on safe driving, check out our  free Resource Library. 

January 25, 2023
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