Changes to Billing Statements and Payment Options

March 20, 2019 • Previsor

Missouri Employers Mutual recently announced some changes to billing statements and payment options. For more on payment options, view our Payment Plans page.

Payment due dates and mailing address change

All billing statements are due in 20 days, including the initial down payment and the renewal payment. Previously, these two payments were due in 10 days.

Address change for mailed payments

Paying your work comp insurance bill is easy and secure with Missouri Employers Mutual as we utilize a lockbox deposit service with our financial institution. Please mail all future payments due to Missouri Employers Mutual or Previsor Insurance along with your remittance stub to the following address:

Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance
P.O. Box 801768
Kansas City, MO 64180-1768

As of 03/01/2019, payments sent to the MEM will be automatically forwarded to the address above. If a payment is mailed to a prior remittance address, it will be forwarded to the lockbox address above, which may lead to a processing delay. Please be aware a delay may result in a late fee being assessed or may affect policy coverage.

Payment plan options

We have several different payment options available, in addition to the option of mailing us your payment:

Auto EFT

Enroll in Auto EFT to electronically transfer funds on a one-time or recurring basis. Auto EFT works with any payment plan, giving you even more flexibility to pay. Log in to enroll, or learn more in our FAQ.

Online account

In addition to easily making payments online, an iNet account allows you to take control of your work comp policy. View claims or policy details, generate certificates or even retrieve loss runs with your account any time, day or night. To get started, please call us at 1.800.442.0593 to get a unique PIN number to create your account.

By phone

Easily make your payment by phone any time! Simply call 1.800.442.0593 and select option #4 to be connected to our automated pay-by-phone service at no additional cost. Please note that you will need to have your account number and payment method information readily available. Your account number can be found on your policy or billing statement.

Payment plan changes

The following payment plan options will be discontinued:

  • Eight installments
  • EZ-Pay options: weekly, bi-weekly, and twice monthly

At renewal, a policy currently enrolled in a discontinued payment plan will be reviewed by Underwriting to determine the appropriate plan.

The table below highlights changes to specific payment plan options in bold.

Payment Schedule  
  Down Payment  Balance Due 
Annual Installment  N/A  Prepaid  
Two Installment  50%  50% Due in 5 Months 
Four Installment  25%  3 Installments Bill Every Other Month 
Six Installment  15%  5 Installments Bill Every Other Month 
Nine Installment  15%  8 Installments Bill Every Month 
Twelve Installment*  8.33%  11 Monthly Installments 
Monthly Reporting  15% Collateral  Monthly 
Quarterly Reporting  50% Collateral  Quarterly 
EZ-Pay  Upfront Charges                (No Collateral)  Monthly 
*Twelve installment option requires Auto EFT Enrollment 


**Any bound policies or quotes offered (new or renewal) will be adjusted to reflect these changes.*The twelve installments option will require Auto EFT enrollment.

Questions about billing or payment plans? Contact us.

March 20, 2019
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