Work Comp Incidents: 4 Steps to Follow When a Worker is Injured 

May 11, 2022 • Previsor

Work comp incidents can leave employers with a lot of questions. “Now what?” is often the first one to come to mind. Knowing how to provide an employee with the best care while reducing business impact is essential for employers to know.

Watch as our Field Service Manager, Terri Sweeten, explains the four steps to making the process clearer and easier.

Step 1 – Seek medical care for the injured worker 

When an employee is injured on the job, obtaining medical care is a priority. Call 911 if an incident results in a head or neck injury, severe bleeding or leaves an employee unresponsive. For non-emergent injuries, like strains or sprains, contact a healthcare provider.  

Employers should create an incident plan that identifies preferred: 

  • Medical providers 
  • Urgent care providers 
  • Occupational therapy providers 

In the state of Missouri, the employer has the right to direct medical care. Employees may choose their own healthcare provider, but it may also be at their own expense. Directing medical care ensures employees get the right care sooner.  

Step 2 – Report the claim  

After care is arranged for the injured worker, employers need to report the claim in a timely manner. Reporting within 24 hours helps capture important incident details before they are forgotten. Timely reporting also enables work comp experts to provide employers with assistance and support.  

Step 3 – Complete an incident investigation 

Completing an incident investigation helps reveal the true cause of an injury and build safer workplaces. These procedures should include collecting: 

  • Post-incident drug and alcohol testing  

Step 4 – Return to work 

Return to work programs help injured workers get back to work sooner and reduce work comp costs. Some job tasks may need to be released or eliminated until they are fully recovered. If accommodation can’t be provided, then a temporary role elsewhere is an alternative. An employee’s physician should always guide their return to the job. 

May 11, 2022
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