Missouri Employers Mutual (MEM) purchased Previsor Insurance Company to allow MEM to more effectively serve businesses with regional exposure in both Missouri and other states. Previsor began writing business in September 2015 and covered states now include Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Tennessee – with more than 900 policies in force.

When MEM purchased Previsor, it transferred voting rights of the stock to a voting trust. As a dual-policyholder of MEM and Previsor, you have the opportunity to provide guidance on matters that will be voted on by the Voting Trustee at the annual shareholder meeting. The only shareholder matters up for a vote at the next meeting are the re-elections of two directors.

Respond by Nov. 11

Two candidates are up for re-elections to the Previsor Board of Directors. Management recommends each director nominated be elected.


For the Voting Trustee to cast your vote at the annual meeting, please provide your guidance by completing the ballot by Nov. 11, 2022 using the form below.

Voting is now closed.